Donald McMenamin Professional Teaching Fellow - Counselling School of Social Practice

Dr Donald McMenamin is a Professional Teaching Fellow at Laidlaw, with a specialisation in teaching Narrative and Relational Therapy.

Donald aims to help the people he teaches and works with to develop nourishing life-stories - stories of who they are, who their communities are, what their hopes and values are and so on. As a narrative therapist Donald is interested in both personal and community growth. He aims to help prepare students for making a gospel-informed difference serving the lives and communities to which they are called.

Donald has published several articles, book chapters and a book on how nourishing identity stories can make a difference for people and their communities.

Donald was raised in West Auckland and studied horticulture at Lincoln and Massey Universities. He taught secondary school students for 10 years then trained as a school guidance counsellor at Waikato University. Donald's PhD studies at Waikato University focused on new identity stories for young people facing exclusion from schools.

Donald is married to Charmaine, and has four adult children. He enjoys singing in a barbershop chorus, gardening and woodwork.