Doreen AlefaioCertificate Instructor

  • BMin, MTh

Doreen is a Certificate Programme Instructor for the Centre for Teaching and Learning. As an instructors, Doreen is in a privileged place to be included in part of the life journeys of our students. She delights in seeing them develop academic skills alongside their confidence in who God is and how this shapes the world they live in.

Doreen's MTh dissertation was based on the work of the London Missions Society in the South Pacific during the 1800's and the influence of their mission initiatives in a Contemporary Pacific Island community. She would like to do more study on Theological reflections of social policies that focus on climate change that affect small Pacific Island nations such as Tokelau, Kiribati and Tuvalu.

Doreen was born in the Kiribati Islands (Gilbert Islands), of Tokelauan and Tuvaluan descent, but was raised in West Auckland. After she completed a BMin at Laidlaw College in 2006, she spent two years in Masan, South Korea teaching English at a Hagwon (private English academy), where she developed a love for Gakkdugi Kimchi and K-pop music. 

On return to New Zealand, sheI completed my MTh and worked in the Student support department at Laidlaw and then was offered an opportunity to be an instructor for the Certificate programme. 

Doreen loves to travel and dreams of just being able to fly to a random country, wait at the arrivals section for someone she know to also arrive and then sharing the novelty of being in a different country and immersing in a different culture. She also attend St Giles Presbyterian church in Te Atatu South.