Laidlaw Summer Courses

Invest some time this summer into deepening your knowledge of the Gospel and Scripture. Take a Laidlaw summer school course from the comfort of your own home, bach or the nearest beach umbrella!

Biblical Theology (115.515, Level 5)
Explores the unity, diversity and central themes of the Bible. The course also assists students to begin making sense of the relationship between the Bible, theology and all of life.

Theology: Introduction (201.515, Level 5)
An introduction to systematic theology, exploring how we know about God, what we believe about God, and why it matters.

Beginning Theology (215.515, Level 5)
An introduction to the study of the Bible, Christian theology and theology ethics.

Formation (401.515, Level 5)
This course aims to help students deepen both knowledge of God and a knowledge of oneself.

Israel in the Time of Jesus (146.6/715, Levels 6/7)
An introduction to the historical, geographical, political, economic, religious, and social world of first century Palestine with a view to how this informs our understanding of Jesus’ life and message.

God and Creation (203.6/715, Levels 6/7)
Pre-requisite 201.515 Theology: Introduction
An examination of the existence and nature of the triune God; biblical overview of the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit; God in creation and providence; the problem of evil; humans made in the image of God; the nature and origins of sin; dialogue with contemporary and scientific reflections on creation and humanity; angels and powers and principalities.

Cultural Anthropology (603.6/715, Levels 6/7)
This course focuses on the use of anthropological tools and concepts as a means of understanding one’s own culture and being able to engage effectively with people in other cultural settings.

Laidlaw’s School of Theology is offering these courses by distance learning over our summer semester. The semester runs for 12 weeks from 27 November 2017 – 16 February 2018. Current Laidlaw students may apply for a maximum of two summer courses.

To apply click here. Applications close on 10 November 2017.