Laidlaw at Large

Laidlaw at Large gives you the opportunity to offer high-quality interactive lecture courses to your people in your own church space. It’s a cost-effective training opportunity that is as close as possible to having the Laidlaw lecturer right there with you.

Each semester you can gather your people together for a weekly video-conferenced lecture, run on a weeknight, that also allows space for the material to be intentionally discussed and applied within your own context. The courses include biblical studies, systematic theology, spiritual formation, and Christian leadership and mission.

As a church, our goal is to see our people grow in their faith and to train and equip them for ministry. Laidlaw at Large delivers relevant teaching into our context that helps our people grow in their Biblical understanding and provides them with the practical skills they need for life and ministry. Our partnership with Laidlaw College helps us to achieve our goals.

Michael Hanson
Pastor, Shore Community Church

I’ve dabbled in some bible courses in the past, but I’ve found Laidlaw at Large to be a transformative experience. I’m onto my sixth L@L course and it keeps on rewiring my understanding of Christianity, the World and the places that they intersect; all in an open and embracing atmosphere that allows anyone to participate in this fantastic journey. I used to be a bit skeptical about many things theological, but I now firmly believe that every Christian should not wait the decades that I did to really set that solid foundation to their faith and works. Finally, L@L is impacting my 9-5 every bit as much as my Sunday morning - its helping to shape me into a better Christian and a better person.

Derek Rendall
Pastor, Mount Albert Baptist Church

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