Women in Leadership

The Centre for Church Leadership is a keen advocate for women in leadership, both inside and outside the church. We aim to provide resources, inspiration and networks where women can connect with other women in leadership, and to create a space where women can engage Scripture and discern how the gospel speaks to those challenges women face in the 21st century.   

One aspect of this commitment is the work of the Sustain network. Its aim is to link women leaders together and offer support, strength, encouragement and companionship as we journey together. We meet four times a year on a Wednesday evening, with a mix of online and in-person interactions on the Henderson campus in Laidlaw’s upper lounge. These evenings feature an invited speaker who shares something of the insights she has learned from her leadership journey, and also provide a space for connection and the development on ongoing relationships.

Check our events calendar for the next Sustain gathering.

For more information contact Jenny Mackie.