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Welcome to the home page of Stimulus, the New Zealand journal of Christian Thought and Practice.

Stimulus was relaunched in April 2012 by Laidlaw College. It is intended to publish three issues per year. Any questions should be directed to the Editor, Martin Sutherland (). As its name implies, Stimulus provides provocative and challenging material for thoughtful readers.

Most Recent issue (April 2015)

For table of contents and editorial of the most recent issue, please click here.

Themes discussed in recent issues included:

Learning from Paul’s Vision for the Mission of the Local Church Resurrection Narratives and the Bodily Resurrection of the Risen Jesus
The Emotions of Jesus Rupturing the Trinity or Redefining Intimacy
Faith in our far south Seeking Wisdom: Towards a Christian View of Scholarship
History Changes: Personal Reflections on New Zealand and Pacific Religious History Adventures at the Science-Theology Interface: Reflections on Am I My Keeper’s Brother?
How Much Should We Sing?
Is Gay Good?
In My Humble Opinion
The Bible as Fantasy Fiction
Understanding the Lord’s Prayer as a Paradigm for Prayer

Stimulus has also published interviews with prominent thinkers. It featured a number of regular columns – St Imulus, Pulpit, Models & Metaphors, Gospel & our Culture(s) and also included letters, cartoons, and stimulating book reviews.

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