16 October 2011

Welcome to the Laidlaw blog

by Dr Mark Keown

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Laidlaw College blog. We are developing this blog because of the important role blogging now has in our world as an integral facet of communication.

The blog is not the only blog linked to Laidlaw. The College library has its own blog full of great ideas on research and college developments. Some of our lecturers have blogs with a variety of approaches and interests — you can find these and follow them by clicking on the links at the conclusion of this post.

The Laidlaw Blog will be a more general voice for the College alongside our other communications such as Encounter. The blog will not be a news piece, but an opportunity for comment and opinion. Our desire is for people to comment on things going on in our world from a Christian perspective. It will enable Laidlaw faculty in particular to express their views, reveal their passions and ideas and speak on their publications. Blogs are great because they are interactive, allowing readers to comment either on the blog-thread itself, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Our desire is that it will be intelligent and engaging and people can follow the blog and join the discussion. We invite you to connect with us in this blog-venture. If you have an idea for a question or theme that you would like addressed in the blog, let us know by emailing [email protected].

Other Laidlaw Connected Blogs You Can Follow:

Laidlaw Library Blog (keeps you up to date with College developments and research assistance): http://laidlawlibrary.wordpress.com.

Steve Graham’s Blog (Dean of Christchurch, comments on the Christchurch earthquake): http://stevegrahamchch.blogspot.com.

Yael Klangwisan’s Blog (School of Education Lecturer, poetic and imaginative writings based on Song of Songs): http://shulamithandthephilosophers.blogspot.com.

Mark Keown’s Blog (Senior Lecturer New Testament, wide-ranging comments on faith, sport and life: http://drmarkk.blogspot.com

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