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Sunday School stories and Sunday messages play an important part in Christian growth and understanding, but there is a lot that can be gained through dedicated Bible study. As we seek to become more like Jesus, Bible study draws us closer to God; it gives us wisdom and understanding and helps us find our place in God’s redemptive story for the world.

Laidlaw Bible School is a new initiative offering quality biblical teaching in a short course customisable format to suit your context, for those who want an entry point to study without stepping into Laidlaw College fully accredited courses. Courses draw on Laidlaw College’s 100-year history of teaching the Bible and theology, and biblically grounded on the solid foundation of Christ. We will work with you to host in your church or group, and provide an accredited Laidlaw tutor to lead the sessions. Courses are engaging and creative, incorporate small group exercises and discussions, and designed to be fun and informative for all Christians. These short courses cover a range of topics such as biblical studies, what Christians believe and why, pastoral and practical studies, along with mission and leadership topics.

We understand that life is busy, so our courses are offered in a variety of ways. Choose what will suit your group, from evening sessions, a single Saturday immersion, or a combination of Friday evening and Saturday morning. Laidlaw Bible School isn't confined to a single location — we will come to you wherever you are in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Laidlaw Bible School courses start with groups of 30 participants (with a minimum of 20 participants). All resources are provided, and the cost is only $50 per course per person.

We recommend starting with one of our two foundational courses which lay the groundwork for faith, ministry, and mission. "The Story of the Bible" unveils the presence of Jesus throughout the Bible, while "Interpreting the Bible" equips you with essential tools for deeper Bible study.

Story of the Bible

The Story of the Bible

Embark on a captivating journey through the pages of the Bible. Discover the incredible narrative that unfolds the history of redemption against the backdrop of creation and the challenges of sin.

Explore the Rich Layers of the Bible and investigate how God reveals himself to humanity, how humanity accepts then resists God and God’s continued pursuit of his children. We’ll look at the Bible as one overarching story and how every chapter and verse contributes to the grand narrative that finds its ultimate fulfilment in Christ.

Why You'll Love This Course:

  • Engaging discussions that bring the Bible to life
  • Practical insights into the historical context and cultural nuances
  • Understand the big picture of the Bible and how each story contributes to that
  • Emphasis on how the Bible's story aligns with our own life journey

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Interpret the Bible

Interpreting the Bible

Take your understanding of the Scriptures to the next level and sharpen your skills in reading and interpreting the Bible.

Learn helpful methods of biblical interpretation to better understand the depth of the Word of God, and become further equipped to be God's faithful servant in this world.

Why You'll Love This Course:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of God’s Word
  • Build confidence in your handling of Scripture
  • Learn tools to help you dissect difficult Scripture passages
  • Grow deeper in your faith
  • Develop in your ability to lead others in biblical study

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Laidlaw is grounded on the centrality of the Bible to understanding life – and committed to helping all people study its pages to discover more about God, Jesus, the Spirit and faithful living in all of life.

Our Biblical studies courses provide world-class teaching that provide an honest encounter with the Scriptures, and the skills required for ongoing engagement with this world-changing book.

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