Evaluation and Review

External Evaluation Review

The NZ Qualifications Authority undertakes independent reviews of tertiary education organisations in their regular External Evaluation Review process. In the 2020 review, Laidlaw retained its Category 1 Education Provider Status. The full review is available to read on the link below.

Pastoral Care Self Review

Laidlaw College is a signatory to The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021. This Code sets out the responsibilities of educational institutions to support the wellbeing, development and educational achievement of its students. Each year the College reviews its practices against the Code’s requirements and notes steps to be taken to ensure the best possible learning environment for students. Click the link below to read our most recent self-attestation report.

As signatories of this Code of Practice, Laidlaw discloses the outcomes of any formal complaints. No such complaints have been made by students of the College in the past review period.