Logos Study Tools

Here are a range of links that will be useful to you as you get moving with Logos:


Your contact people at Laidlaw are:

Mark Keown: [email protected]
Jeremy Adams (Library Manager): [email protected]


Links for information to help you get the most out of 
Logos Bible Software:

  1. You should immediately apply for the Academic Discount Program 
  2. If you have issues which can’t be resolved through Laidlaw you can contact Faithlife Customer Support ([email protected])
  3. Sign up for the Free Logos Book Each Month—these books are great and there are also other cheap deals attached which you can get
  4. Sign up for the Free Faithlife E-book Each Month 
  5. Get the Mobile App for your Cell Phone and tablet - Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for Logos Bible in the app store
  6. You can get a link to a Web App (there are limitations to this, but it can be convenient when away from your computer or if there is an issue with space on your hard drive)
  7. You should check out the Student Training Site - must-see videos to get the most out of Logos!
  8. Any faculty wanting training, Faculty Training Site (students can benefit from this as well or faculty can assign videos from this page for students to complete)
  9. A Getting Started Course (30 min)
  10. Additional training
  11. For upcoming live webinars featuring Logos training, click here