12 September 2018

Watch Now: Cultural Engagement in Difficult Times – Dr Darrell Bock

Laidlaw College hosted renowned New Testament scholar, Dr Darrell Bock, for a day of lectures on 17 July 2018. Dr Bock is one of the world’s leading NT scholars with a special interest in cultural engagement.

About the Lectures

Engagement for the church has become a challenge as hostility has risen against those who believe. But the early church knew what is was to be a social minority not respected by many around them. The lecture series looked at how the early church discussed engagement. Without entitlement, but armed with God’s grace they made a difference. The series considered how the New Testament discusses engagement and the concrete things required to engage well.

Watch now:

Lecture 1: A Biblical Look at Engagement

Lecture 2: Lessons from Paul: Romans 1 and Acts 17

Lecture 3: Difficult Conversations- How to Have Them

Lecture 4: The Issue of Justice and Engagement: Acts 15 and Ephesians 2