15 November 2019

March 2020 Block Courses

Laidlaw College is offering a range of block courses during March 2020 based at its Henderson campus. While the teaching part of the course is blocked, there will be readings and assignments throughout the semester for those doing the course for credit.

Level 5 Diploma/Degree/GradDip Course

Youth Ministry: Introduction (500.515) | Phil Trotter | 23-27 March 2020

This course introduces students to biblical and theological foundations for youth ministry, including effective and sustainable youth ministry, engagement with theory and practical approaches, and responses to the pastoral needs of young people.

Level 6 Degree/GradDip Courses

History of New Zealand Christianity (307.615/715) | Dr Stuart Lange | 23-27 March 2020 

An in-depth survey of the development of Christianity in Aotearoa New Zealand, from the arrival of Samuel Marsden in 1814 until the present day.  An optional field trip up North will also take place March 27-29.

Survey of Islam (608.615/715) | Prof Peter Riddell |23-27 March 2020 

This course provides students with a general knowledge of Islamic history, with particular reference to Southeast Asian and Australasian contexts, as well as the core doctrines and the institutions of the Islamic faith. It also considers contemporary developments and trends in global Islam and introduces students to the principles and methods of Christian-Muslim relations.

Whakapapa: Introduction (649.515) | Rev Dr Lyndon Drake | 23-27 March 2020

This course introduces the kaupapa Māori concept of whakapapa (Atua/whenua/tangata) as a foundation for Māori indigenous theology. It provides a framework for right relationship and ethical action based on Gospel narratives, tracing whakapapa through the Old Testament leading to Incarnation, Redemption, and Mission.

Postgraduate Courses

Living out the Call: Rising to the Challenge of Being a Vocational Leader in God’s Church Today (R504.830) | Paul Beasley-Murray | 9-13 March 2020

This course is based on five underlying convictions: 

1) God calls men and women to serve as leaders (also known as ‘ministers’, ‘pastors’, ‘priests’). 2) God has gifted all his people to serve him. 3) Within the context of shared ministry, God calls leaders to fulfil a number of specialised roles in his church. 4) Because God expects leaders to give their best in his service, they need to be passionate professionals, empowering team players and effective managers. 5) God wants leaders to live out their call. 

The course will look at a variety of ways in which leaders can fulfil their calling.

Studies in Public and Contextual Theology (R505.830) | Stephen Garner & Terry Pouono | 30 March – 3 April, 4-8 May 2020

This course critically examines the origin, nature and methods of both public theology and contextual theology and their relationship to the wider Christian theological tradition and their application to public issues and contextual matters facing individuals and communities today.

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