30 October 2019

Watch Now! A Strange Beauty

We live in a world of beauty. Beauty is all around us, in nature, artwork, sculpture, and music. Modern conceptions of beauty have tended to diminish beauty, confine it and reduce the scope of the beautiful to that of the pretty, the merely decorative, or the inoffensively pleasant. But that is not the strange beauty the Gospel is witness to. If we trace beauty all the way back to its start, its impetus, its origin and creation – we encounter God – the beautiful God. The search for beauty, the desire for beauty, the love of beauty all lead to the same destination —the triune God of grace and glory. 

Unaccustomed today to speak of God in such terms as love and beauty, in a public lecture on 29 August 2019, Myk Habets called us to get over ourselves and encounter God afresh as we behold the Beauty of the triune God in the Face of Jesus Christ.

Dr Myk Habets joined Laidlaw College in July this year as senior lecturer in Theology and Head of Theology.  He has a passion to teach theology - the great doctrines of the Christian faith, founded in Scripture, forged in tradition, applied to culture, and lived out in experience.

Watch now as Myk Habets encourages us to fall in love with the beautiful God again and again…