25 September 2020

Summer School at Laidlaw – 2020/2021

Invest some time this summer into deepening and enriching your understanding of Scripture. Take a Laidlaw summer school course by distance from the comfort of your own home!

23 November 2020 – 19 February 2021

Level 5 Courses 

115.515 Biblical Theology
Jethro George
Be introduced to the broad shape of the biblical story and show how the Christian gospel is integral to biblical theology. It explores the unity, diversity and central themes of the Bible to make sense of the relationships between the Bible, theology, and all of life. 

215.515 Beginning Theology
Taryn Dryfhout 
Integrating and apply theological reflection, providing opportunities for learners to develop skills for working with biblical texts in appropriate leadership, church, mission, or community contexts.

401.515 Formation
Reflect on personal and communal spiritual formation, through engagement with Scripture, theological understandings and a variety of Christian spiritual traditions. This reflection will include (1) evaluation of key aspects of their own formation, (2) evaluation of their experiences of personal and communal strategies intended to facilitate spiritual growth, and (3) the development of spiritual practices which will strengthen their contribution to enhancing human wellbeing within their own social and cultural contexts.

505.515 Mission, Church and Community
Jethro George 
Explore and evaluate a range of mission, church, and community-based programmes and applies faith-based principles in Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond. Learners will reflect on how personal and communal expressions of faith can enhance the wellbeing of others in a range of social and cultural contexts.

Level 6/7 Courses

617.615/715 Mercy, Justice and Social Transformation

Ryan Lang 
Identify the theological and global realities of suffering, injustice and need. It affirms the holistic nature of God’s mission to the world and the call to express mercy and justice, seeking to bring social transformation through community, national and international aid and development. This course seeks to develop creative approaches to holistic social transformation through engagement with theology, history and contemporary interventions.

271.615/715 Gospel and Culture
Jethro George 
Be introduced to theological integration by exploring how the Gospel, rooted in the Biblical narrative, informs all areas of life in contemporary culture and society. It asserts that the Gospel is embodied in culture, while at the same time serves to critique and enrich that same culture. Students are introduced to tools and techniques to faithfully “read the signs of the times” in both Aotearoa New Zealand and global contexts, and to evaluate how the Gospel might be expressed authentically and creatively across disciplines and contexts.

403.615/715 Spirituality for Ministry
Ryan Lang 
We build on the topics and spiritual disciplines introduced in 401 Formation. The focus is on developing approaches to life and ministry which will help to maintain balance, sustainability and growth in ourselves and others. The term “ministry” here has the broad sense of using our gifts and our time for God’s service, whatever our context.

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Level 8 Courses

R215.830 Theologian in Context  - Journey into the Real Narnia
Myk Habets | 11-15 Jan 2021, 9am - 5pm (LR1b) 
A close study of one major theologian – C.S. Lewis – in the intellectual context of their day. Through the study of selected writings of Lewis and secondary sources, their theological method and commitments will be analysed and their contribution to theology, faith and life will be considered. A particular focus of the course will be on the theology of Lewis and what he called “Mere Christianity,” and on the spirituality of Lewis, what has been characterised as Sensucht—the longing for fulfilment inherent in the human condition. 

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