2021 Winter Sessions 3 - Dr Maja Whitaker image
2021 Winter Sessions 3 - Dr Maja Whitaker
Conspiracy theories everywhere: How do we know what to believe any more?
QAnon, a flat earth, 5G towers spreading COVID-19, vaccines causing autism… Why are people so drawn to conspiracy theories like these, when objectively they are often preposterous? The answer in part lies in our human nature as story-telling people, but also in the explanatory power that stories have. In modern culture we have great freedom to tell our own stories about our lives and the world around us, but that freedom can become a burden. We need to be able to tell a story to make sense of our lives and the world around us, in order to feel in control amongst the ever-shifting landscapes of culture and world crises. However, our power to do so is inevitably limited. Within this milieu, critical thinking skills are more important than ever, and when developed within a Christian framework they lead us to embrace God’s grand narrative for our lives and the world with hopeful trust.
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