2021 Winter Sessions 2 - Dr John de Jong image
2021 Winter Sessions 2 - Dr John de Jong
Myanmar: New Geopolitical Challenges and the Role of the Church
The 21st century is a complex time. We are living in a post-colonial world yet with much geo-political manoeuvring from the major powers. It is also the first century in which most Christians are part of the majority-world church, yet they are often religious minorities in their own nations. International aspirations of western style democracy clash with non-western social, cultural and political patterns and values. Myanmar is very much a place in which these changing power dynamics are converging and has become a centre of contested democracy as its citizens clash with the military after a recent coup d’état. In this session we discuss how Myanmar is a window into this changing world, how the church in Myanmar is responding to these challenges and how we in New Zealand can respond.
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