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200 Years of the Gospel in New Zealand
A 65-minute, five part series telling the compelling story of two hundred years of Christianity in Aotearoa New Zealand.
NZD$20.00 (incl. GST)


DVD Run Time: 65 mins in 5 chapters

Historian Dr Stuart Lange presents a 65 minute five-part series telling the fascinating story of the Gospel in Aotearoa New Zealand, from its beginnings in 1814 when Samuel Marsden preached at Oihi, and then Christianity's spread, the complications, and the way Christianity has played a significant role in shaping New Zealand society both then and now.

As New Zealand moves towards the bicentenary of the Christian Gospel being preached in New Zealand – 25 December 2014 – this DVD provides a very useful and accessible resource for all those wanting to explore this important part of New Zealand history.

Dr Stuart Lange reflects: “No nation can truly be understood without reflecting on its spiritual values and history. This DVD tells a story that deserves to be much better known by all New Zealanders, both Māori and not Māori, Christian and not Christian.”

Writer/Narrator: Dr Stuart Lange.
Produced by: Glasseye Productions.

“History that lives. An essential part of the New Zealand story. A rare combination of excellent story-telling and sound scholarship.”
Professor Paul Moon (historian)

“Fascinating. An extremely useful resource. I highly recommend it.”
Rev. Dr. Richard Waugh (Chair of National Church Leaders)

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