Graeme Flett National Internship Coordinator School of Theology

  • BMin, MMin (with Distinction - Otago)

Graeme Flett is a faculty member of the School of Theology at Laidlaw, with a specialisation in Pastoral and Practical Theology. Graeme and his wife, Linda, lead and oversee an able team of internship teachers and facilitators. Graeme is also the director of the Laidlaw Centre for Church Leadership – Engage.

Graeme serves out of deep commitment to equip students by preparing them well for Christian leadership, ministry and service. He presses the point that that best theology is done when students are engaged in theological learning alongside actual practice. This conviction comes out of his own experience as a pastor of 17 years and the need for emerging leaders to imagine and act out of a robust theological framework. Graeme believes that such an understanding is grounded in scripture and in ways that help us engage with others about gospel and culture. This underpins Graeme’s desire and joy in helping students find their calling and vocation.

Graeme is three years into a PhD with the University of Otago. His field of research is focused on media ecology and its imprint upon Christian identity within the context of congregational life and practice. Graeme has published on the topic and has presented elements of his research at several conferences. His Master’s dissertation features in the Journal of Contemporary Ministry which is a synopsis of his research in the field of digital technologies and congregational life.

Graeme is married to Linda who also serves on faculty in the School of Theology at Laidlaw. He is an ordained pastor of the Elim Churches of NZ and is a graduate of Laidlaw College, gaining a BMin in the mid 1990’s. Graeme joined the faulty as the National Internship Co-ordinator at the start of 2011 (a leadership role he shares with his wife, Linda). His background in pastoral ministry and leadership over the last 20 years enables him to speak thoughtfully into this context. His last pastoral appointment was Burnside Elim Community Church - a vibrant multi-ethnic church on the northwest of Christchurch. Over his thirteen-year tenure, the church developed an organic approach to mission and ministry that encouraged a ‘community of practice’ given to thoughtful reflection, creative innovation, and collaborative team-based ministry and leadership. In 2013 Graeme completed a Master’s degree in Ministry through the University of Otago and begun doctoral studies 2015. 

His interests are in pastoral leadership, media ecology and communication, and organisational culture. Outside of these academic pursuits, Graeme is a keen woodworker and an enthusiastic artisan of all things made of wood.


Peer Review Publications


“Visual Technologies within a Consumerist Culture” Journal of Contemporary Ministry No. 1 (2015) Research paper selected for inaugural publication of JCM (Journal of Contemporary Ministry)

Other Publications


The Power of Listening by Lynne Baab, Stimulus Vol 22 issue 1 2015

Conference Papers and Presentations


“Hidden Curricula of the institution? Media Ecology” ANZATFE conference, Sydney, December 2017


“Creative Practices for Team Leadership”- The Abbey (Anglican Youth NZ) 2016


Integrative Conversations for Team Leadership” co-presentation with Linda Flett), ANZATFE conference, Melbourne, November 2015.

Paper – “Visual Technologies” ANZATFE Conference, Melbourne, Australia (2015)

“Love Your Neighbour – Community Seminar (May 2015)

Brethren North Island Leadership Camp (August 2015)


‘Church Leadership Day’ - Living Hope Family Church (AoG)

“Visual Technologies within a Pentecostal Ecclesia”. Practical and Pastoral Theology Conference. Dunedin, New Zealand, Nov 2014.


“Building collaborative learning communities: Convergence of academy and parish” to the Australia New Zealand Theological Field Educators conference, Auckland, NZ.

“Visual Technologies and the (re)shaping of a Pentecostal Ecclesia” Seminar to the Laidlaw Graduate School.


‘Lift Leadership Conference’ – Salvation Army (The Northern Region)

Unpublished Thesis


“Visual Technologies and the (re)shaping of a Pentecostal Ecclesia” Unpublished MMin Thesis: Theology and Religion Department of the University of Otago, 2013. Available through Laidlaw Library and Otago University Library.