03 April 2012

Diary of a Disciple: Day 1000

by Dr Mark Keown

What an amazing few days. There was Yeshua, for the third time, telling us that he is going to be rejected, arrested, suffer greatly, die and then rise. Why does he say that stuff all the time? It is nonsense! None of us really get what he means. He can’t be taken literally most of the time anyway. No doubt it is another parable. I am sure he will explain it when he is ready.

Some weeks ago, Peter tried to talk to him about all this talk of suffering and death, but he flipped his lid, started rebuking Satan and telling us to keep quiet about it. Peter felt humiliated. Most people think Yeshua is a prophet, but we know he is the Son of Man, the Messiah. Peter said it, Yeshua confirmed it. So now we are nearing Jerusalem. We know the time is at hand. The last battle is about to begin. The Romans are going to get it. Can’t wait to see the look on Pilate’s face when Yeshua arrives – “you can have it the easy way or the hard way Pontius. Surrender now, or face the might of the Lord of Hosts!” No doubt the arrogant dog will take the hard way. I hope so. What a joy it will be when the Romans, horses, chariots and all, go down under his power! Just like the Exodus! Man, I can’t wait to get into it. The one who must not be named with bring us a glorious victory – just like the first Yeshua with his twelve when conquered and first took the land – this twelve with the angels and armies of Israel will destroy! Just like David and Goliath or Judas Maccabees – none of them had the power of Messiah with them! This time there will be no mercy! The land will be completely cleaned. Gahanna awaits all he enemies of the Holy One!

I must admit to some nervousness – more excitement though rather than fear. Why would I be afraid? Our leader can slip through crowds untouched, turn water to wine, drive out demons, raise the dead, walk on water, and calm a storm? Food won’t be a problem, a couple of loaves and fish will do.

Yesterday he did it again. There was a beggar on the side of the road, blind as a bat – Bar-Timaeus, “son of a man of honour.” I still wonder what he did to deserve his life, what he had done to shame his father. Yeshua has taught us that such things are not necessarily because of sin. I know he is Messiah, but I can’t shake off the feeling that Bartimaeus must have done something wrong. Must ask him later, he has joined our army now. The guy kept yelling out to Yeshua for mercy, calling him “son of David.” Somehow he knew he is Messiah. The weirdest people recognise Yeshua.

Then I made a right goose of myself. I tried to stop him getting anywhere near Yeshua, like I had tried to stop the kids coming to him a few weeks ago! Again I was rebuked – man he makes me feel so stupid sometimes. Still, I know he honours me; after all, he called me to be one of the Twelve – to lead the liberation of our people. Then he healed him. Yeshua is a freak! With that power, nothing can stop the coming of the Kingdom of Israel!

I can’t wait to get into Jerusalem. Not sure what will happen. Likely he will gather the leaders of Israel, demonstrate he is Messiah with some signs (like Moses did back in Egypt), and then lead the onslaught, the vengeance of Elohe Tzevaot (“Lord of Hosts). He sort of told us that the great war was coming, we would fight and some die. He twice told us that if we want to follow him we must take up our crosses. Some parables I don’t get, but this one I understand. Some are going to die in the great war, hung on crosses by the filth. Others will not taste death until the glorious coming of the Kingdom – the victory! Awesome, a shortish war with many of us living through it! With his power, it will be quick and glorious!

I am not sure what I want more, to die in the battle and attain the glory of a martyr at the resurrection, or to see it come to pass as we drive these damn Romans out of our Land. Then no doubt we will march, first north and west, to take Rome – can’t wait to walk the Palatine in victory and tear down those idols and temples. And I can’t wait to see the look on Tiberius’ face as the armies of the Messiah force him to submit. Then again, if I do die, he will raise me, like he did the girl, the widow’s son, and Lazarus.

I am sure I will be one of the rulers of the golden age to come when Eden is restored after the filthy Gentiles are subdued. The Sons of Thunder with the help of their mum really got under my skin the other day. They dared to go and ask Yeshua to be his number one and two after the great victory! It will be tough competition for the places of glory. Let’s see how they go when the Romans come at them! The way that Simon the Cananion (Zealot) is behaving, he will be hard to beat – this stuff is his bread and butter. Or Simon Peter – the guy is so fired up after seeing Moses and Elijah and Yeshua lit up like lightening on the mountain, he might try and drive the Romans out alone!

Surely, the time has come. A nice stop-over in Bethany, another great feed from Martha (not that Mary will help!), and then glory! Bring it on.

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