02 April 2012

Diary of a Disciple: Day 1001

by Dr Mark Keown

Ah, what a glorious day! We stopped at Martha’s again – another great feed! Yeshua was focussed, never seen him like this before – kind of tense, but his look was steel.

He called me to him early the next morning with the one called the Twin (Thomas). A good sign to be chosen for the task, I am near the top of the pecking order! If I fulfil the task well, I will be granted more opportunities – Yeshua is big on doing the small things well and you will get more responsibility.

He told us to go over to Bethpage with clear instructions. I am still not sure whether he had set it up or whether it was word from Abba (Father) – wouldn’t be surprised if it was the latter. After all, he was up all night praying – again! Does he not get sick of sleepless nights? I had gone with him to pray but, as usual, had nodded off – too much of Martha’s food and wine.

Anyway, he sent us to grab a donkey colt and bring it to him and tell anyone who cares that it is for the Lord’s work and we will return it soon. I was relieved; Torah (and Yeshua) forbids stealing. So we did as he said. I had no idea then what he had in mind.

Then we headed to Jerusalem. Ah Jerusalem, the Lord’s city, the glorious temple on Mt Zion, the throne of God, gleaming white and golden in the sun, its glory radiating to the world, soon to be the worship centre for all peoples. Rebuilding the temple is about the only decent thing the puppet imposter Herod has done! Now the temple was being readied for the great moment when Messiah liberates His people and Adonai himself comes to fill it!

Then I realised what the colt was for – he was doing a Zechariah 9! Brilliant! Such a perfect and unexpected entry! Everyone expects him to arrive in a blaze of glory, on a warhorse perhaps. Instead, he will enter, righteous, gentle and humble on a donkey. Now they will know who he is! If they read the signs, they will recognise that this is their king coming with salvation to be welcomed in by his people! It sure was time for Zion and Jerusalem to party. Wow, this guy is good! We threw coats on the colt with joy. Yeshua climbed aboard. We headed up the hill, welcoming in our Messiah. Yes, it was on! We knew it. Even the grumpy Judas seemed happy.

The people had heard the news of his coming. They came out in their thousands. Many of the same ones who had come to the desert to be baptised by John – poor John, if he could have lived to see this day. We will avenge him!

Yes, they knew the moment had come! Not most of the leaders though, they weren’t impressed. They still don’t know what to make of Yeshua. But they will soon, he will win them over. Thus far he has refused their request for signs proving that he is Messiah. No doubt he will prove his Messiahship soon!

The crowds, as they did in the times of King Jehu and Judas Maccabees threw cloaks and palm branches on the ground to welcome in their king – they knew what was going on. We sang the Passover song, Hosanna (save), blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. We sang of the coming kingdom of our father David! Hosanna in the highest! Kids were singing too. Never heard singing like it. It was a glorious time. The perfect start to the liberation of Israel and, after the mother-of-all wars, the restoration of the world! Won’t be long before I take my place ruling (with the others of course) – I can see myself in purple, and I look good!

Then we went to the Temple, into the Courts of the Gentiles. Not sure what Yeshua was doing, but he just seemed to want to observe. I kept thinking he would call the leaders and people to him and get things started, or perhaps start healing the sick, or do some glorious sign, or even cut the nonsense and just go to the Roman fortress Antonia to talk terms. But no, he just wanted to have a look. He did seem deeply troubled though, not sure why – perhaps it was the excitement of the coming war. Still, why not take your time? No one can touch him. He needs to get this right. That said, it all looks good to me; people here for Passover from all over the world, buying sacrificial animals to offer to God – that can’t be wrong, can it? What a perfect time to start the final uprising.

Then abruptly, as the day grew late, he said, “Enough. Back to Bethany.” He turned and left. He set quite a pace. We followed, eager for tomorrow to come. Deep down I wasn’t upset to get out of there. I was hungry. Time to carbo-load at Martha’s again. Who knows when I would get a proper meal again? It was going to get messy! Surely, tomorrow it would begin.

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