10 September 2020

Resource for Church and Ministry Leaders

Response to Crisis Resource Guide

“Another lockdown … when?” Whether it is Auckland facing a level 2.5 lockdown or the rest of the country at level 2, feelings of uncertainty swirl. We reach for Google maps to find our way, but there are no maps in this new reality; we haven’t been this way before and we don’t know what to expect. We discover that we are in a liminal space, hanging between what was and what is not yet known. We all respond differently. For some, it can be panic. For others, it may be inconvenience or even boredom. For all of us, it is unknown.

By way of encouragement, Laidlaw College through the Centre for Church Leadership has put together a guide for responding to crisis. This resource is tailored for those who are responsible for others in ministry - Pastors, missioners and lay leaders and includes links to videos, a guide to active listening and conversation ideas for navigating crisis response with others.

You can find it here.

Feel free to share it around and let us know if you’re interested in any follow up.