Response to Crisis Resource Pack

We are beginning to see and hear from community members – in schools, churches, and through private practice - that friends and family are experiencing a range of responses to our recent lockdown. People are now processing and reflecting on their own experiences and the ongoing impact the coronavirus is having on them and their situation. It is common for communities and individuals to notice a spike in the weeks and months after a crisis or traumatic event.
Counsellors at Laidlaw College

What happens during crisis or stressful events?

Living through unexpected, stressful, and/or traumatic events is tiring!

Our bodies, emotions, thinking, and relationships commonly show evidence of the extra work that ‘living through’ requires. We are living through a global pandemic and the significant change this has brought and continues to bring to how we do everyday life. We are blessed, so far, to have been spared the huge loss of life which so many countries have experienced. However, it seems the second wave has arrived and we don’t yet have certainty about how this stage will play out. Another reality is that our relative success has come at the cost of many lost jobs and businesses which leaves individuals and families in even more vulnerable positions.

In the midst of intense stress our focus narrows to those things which ensure survival. It is often only after a period of intense stress (and possibly trauma) that we begin to process and reflect on how events have had an impact on us and how we have responded. Sometimes this catches us by surprise. It can also be challenging to address both the individual and collective experiences of a group of people.

What is the best way to respond when there are so many different stories of lockdown and the effects of the pandemic?

How do we notice what is going on with ourselves and how do we support members in our communities?

We wanted to develop a resource that might help support church leaders in guiding their communities through this process so have developed the following package.

This resource package is a combination of story, knowledge and skills/tools for church leaders and your communities. It is meant to support you in navigating responses to crisis – by first noticing yourselves and each other as we move forward together from our lockdown experiences in an environment which is still uncertain. It is designed for church leaders with various ministry teams in mind: pastoral care, prayer ministry teams, welcoming/hospitality teams, small groups or any ministry leaders or leadership teams.

It contains:

An Interview with Pastor Reuben Munn on the Church’s response to the impact of COVID-19 in our communities 


A Response to Crisis Workshop with Jane Hepburn, Laidlaw Counselling Lecturer

Download PDF Overview of this package, including:

  • Conversation Ideas
    Reflective questions and discussion points that can be used as you view the Response to Crisis workshop video. This provides space for workshop participants to reflect on their own experience.
  • Active Listening - Six Key Skills
    This active listening guide is a practical resource for the skills needed to listen well to others. This can be a helpful reminder to all of us.

Please be aware that this content may evoke emotion or distress for people. While this resource is to support those in pastoral positions it is important to remember that those doing the supporting may also be in need of support themselves. Take breaks while watching the videos, if needed.

If you feel yourself or others may need further support, immediate support can be found here, or ongoing support at

Please contact Jane or Lisa if you have any questions, and let us know how you found this resource.