Laidlaw CfCL resources leaders to renew their communities with a faith as intelligent as it is courageous, in service to a world shaped by love compelled and informed by the gospel.

“Healthy leaders build healthy churches”. The reverse is also true! An increasingly polarised, volatile, and complex world needs healthy churches which embody the good news of the Gospel more than ever. The Church herself needs transformative, adaptive, and resilient leaders who are deeply grafted in Christ, who can discern the times and contexts they lead in and equip their congregations to be active participants in God’s renewing work in the world. Healthy leaders are committed to their own growth for the sake of the communities they serve, both in and beyond the Church. They recognise that their best leadership comes in the company of others. This is where coaching can be a real game changer.

What is coaching?

Coaching is neither therapy nor training, but a proactive conversation which is focused, sustained, and purposeful. Its focus is on the Christian leader and their wholistic development.  The coaching relationship is sustained over time through regular, structured conversations. These conversations are purposeful in that they expect to produce fresh insights, to deepen personal awareness and improve relationships, to change behaviors and actions, and to increase both faithfulness and fruitfulness in ministry and mission.

What is distinctive about Laidlaw CfCL Coaches?

Laidlaw CfCL coaches are committed to the health of church leaders and the churches they serve.  They are equipped to listen on three levels: to the leader, their context, and for signs of God’s Spirit at work in and through them. They ask questions to support discernment and theological reflection on practice, to stimulate fresh possibilities and engender courage to take risks for the sake of the Kingdom. They hold a mirror up so the leader can see with greater clarity the reality of their situation. Coaches encourage by creating ‘balcony’ spaces where leaders can rise above pressing ministry contexts to refresh their vision, celebrate progress, and strengthen their resolve in challenging times. Drawing on their own leadership experiences but not limited to them, coaches facilitate and resource learning and problem solving without prescribing outcomes or decisions. In challenging times, coaches are engaged and prayerful cheerleaders who embody the generosity and hope of the Gospel for the sake of Kingdom growth.

Our coaches
Rev. Dr Karen Kemp
Centre for Church Leadership Senior Coach | Lecturer School of Theology
Rev. Dr Graeme Flett
Centre for Church Leadership Senior Coach | School of Theology Lecturer
Ready to be coached?

Coaching is a relatively long-term commitment, so it is important to lay a good foundation.

We ask that you begin with a commitment to three sessions. This gives you and your coach a chance to get to know each other and discern best fit. Once settled with your coach, monthly sessions promote growth and development, allow for early adjustments when trialing new things, and maintain momentum.

A typical coaching relationship would play out over 10 sessions per year for 2 years – 20 sessions in total.

In addition to the one-on-one coaching, you would also have the option to join cohort-based training modules on specific topics – e.g. governance, mental health and wellbeing for leaders, conflict management, building and leading a team, etc. You would expect to review your Coaching Agreement at the end of the first three sessions, and again at the end of the first and second year.

To find out more info about coaching, including costs involved, please click through to complete the form and one of our team will be in touch: