Sample of Undergrad Courses 2023

Laidlaw’s School of Theology programmes offer a range of courses during 2023, with on-campus and distance learning options at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

To give you a taster of what our programmes offer, some of our undergrad courses are profiled below. A sample of our postgraduate courses can be found here.

The full timetable is available here.



Rev. Dr Myk Habets
25 July - 14 November
Tuesday evenings 6:30-9:30pm
Henderson, Manukau, Christchurch Campuses, Distance Learning

This course aims to introduce systematic theology and teach learners to think theologically. It examines God’s self-revelation, how we can understand that revelation, and why it is foundational for our faith. It then explores the arrangement of this revelation into a set of core beliefs, and their application to everyday living.

This course is also available through Laidlaw At Large as an offering for church groups. Find out more here!


Ps Reuben Munn
25 July - 14 November
Tuesday evenings 6:30-9pm
Henderson, Manukau, Christchurch Campuses, Distance Learning

This course helps prepare students to preach biblical sermons that witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Preaching is an event where we participate with the triune God in faithfully proclaiming the Gospel so that people may faithfully respond.



Matt & Zara Maslin
16-18 August, 18-20 October
Henderson & Distance Learning

This course explores the key relational aspects of effective youth ministry with an emphasis on developing young people personally and spiritually. Students will gain a deeper understanding of relationships between aspects of youth culture and the discipleship of young people. Topics covered in the course include biblical and theological understandings of discipleship, cultural and personal identity formation, family dynamics, adolescent human development, and appropriate communications and mentoring strategies.

To apply for these courses take a look at the options below:

As an interest only student you can attend the course and also have access to extra resources
As a student studying for credit the course will go towards a qualification

For further information about our programmes and courses at Laidlaw College, please contact our Admissions Coordinator on 0800 999 777 or [email protected].

We are pleased to announce a price drop on all School of Theology courses, taken for interest only. These are now:

Undergraduate courses $200
Postgraduate courses $300