Sample of Courses 2022

Laidlaw’s School of Theology programmes offer a range of courses during 2022, with on-campus and distance learning options at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

To give you a taster of what our programmes offer, some of these courses are profiled below. The full timetable is available here.


Zara and Matt Maslin, Jethro George | Fridays @ 1:30 – 4:30pm 
Henderson Campus, Distance Learning

Effective connection and engagement with youth and young adults requires understanding of their cultural and social contexts. This course explores contemporary approaches to youth culture and ministry, building authentic relationships, creating genuine and inclusive community, and connecting cross-culturally. We explore the pastoral needs of youth and young adults, and support students to develop appropriate responses in ministry to the issues that youth and young adults face in their transition to adulthood.

Take this course for Professional Development, Interest or Credit, or as part of our
Diploma in Christian Studies or Bachelor of Theology.


Amy Page-Whiting/Dr Maja Whitaker | Tuesdays 9:30-11:30am 
Henderson, Christchurch, Manukau Campus, Distance Learning  
Distance Learning available

Explore the foundations of pastoral care and pastoral approaches to significant life crises, including experiences of loss, death and dying, marriage and divorce, addictions, anxiety and depression, disability, sexuality, and gender identity.

Take this course as part of the Bachelor of Theology.


Graeme Flett | Wednesdays 1:30-4:30pm
Henderson Campus, Distance Learning

This internship course integrates previous learning and experience as students formulate a personal philosophy of ministry. A wide range of topics are covered in this paper including Biblical & theological foundations, pastoral care and the ministry of referral, principles of pastoral care, shame, guilt and forgiveness, anxiety, depression and suicide, grief and loss, dealing with change, disability, marriage, family and relationships.

Take this course as part of the Bachelor of Theology.


Ryan Lang | Fridays 1:30-4:30pm
Henderson, Christchurch Campus, Distance Learning (R403.615/715)

This course explores approaches to life and ministry which will help students to maintain balance, sustainability, and growth in themselves and others. The term ‘ministry’ is used here in the broad sense of employing our gifts and our time for God’s service, whatever our context.  

Take this course as part of the Bachelor of Theology.


Dr Myk Habets | 21-25 Mar 2022 / 16-20 May 2022  2-5pm Henderson Campus

Run in seminar format, this course examines and applies the doctrine of the Trinity to pastoral practices. After exploring the biblical and theological foundations of trinitarianism, students will consider how these understandings shape ongoing ministry practice. “Anointed Ministry” develops historical, theological, and ministerial themes aimed to enable students to shape ministry and ecclesial practices from these convictions.

Take this course as part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Theology or Master of Theology.

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