Sample of Courses 2022

Laidlaw’s School of Theology programmes offer a range of courses during 2022, with on-campus and distance learning options at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

To give you a taster of what our programmes offer, some of these courses are profiled below. The full timetable is available here.


Dr Maja Whitaker & Ryan Lang
Tuesday Evenings | 6:30-9:30pm 
Henderson, Manukau, Christchurch Campus, Distance Learning

Coming to know God’s love and what it’s like to have his life coursing through us is an ongoing process of spiritual formation. If you’re looking for creative ways of encountering God and have a desire to grow in depth and breadth as a follower of Jesus, join us for Formation. 


Zara & Matt Maslin
17-19 Aug & 19-21 Oct 2022
Henderson Campus & Distance Learning

This course explores the topic of leadership with an emphasis on developing quality leaders with safe and sustainable leadership practices. These practices will then be considered for a church context that includes young people. Topics covered in the course include biblical and theological reflection on leadership; personal, spiritual, and communal practices to support effective and sustainable leadership; personal attributes that shape leaders and build teams, and consideration of an indigenous model of leadership from within Aotearoa.


Reuben Munn
17-19 Aug & 19-21 Oct 2022
Henderson Campus & Distance Learning

This course explores the identity, calling, and vocation of a pastor in theological, biblical, historical, and cultural perspective. Dimensions of pastoral ministry will be explored in a way that highlights the unique challenges and dynamics of pastoral leadership, and what sets it apart from other forms of Christian and organisational leadership. Students will evaluate a range of approaches to pastoral ministry and work toward a personal philosophy of church leadership.


Dr Maja Whitaker & Graeme Flett
22-26 Aug 2022
Henderson Campus & Distance Learning

If you are active in ministry, in any context, and want to deepen your practice then consider enrolling in our new postgraduate course Reflective Practice for Ministry. You will learn to critically reflect on yourself, your experience, and your context, and develop practices and habits of mind that will allow you to flourish over the long-term. The course is delivered through a range of  seminars, workshops, reflections and fieldwork activities, and all learning is grounded in the student’s own ministry context.

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