The National Governing Council (NGC) is the governing body of Laidlaw College. It is comprised of people committed to the Vision, Mission and Values of Laidlaw, appointed for their stature as professionals and leading persons in the fields for which Laidlaw is equipping students. The National Principal/CEO attends NGC meetings, without the power to vote. The NGC also includes a staff and a student representative, both of whom have the power to vote.

The NGC sets the vision of Laidlaw, guards its ethos, makes recommendations on the policies of the College, and appoints the National Principal. It meets at least four times a year.

The NGC ensures its accountability by reporting to and consulting with the Members of Laidlaw College Inc. and the Runanga (Maori Council).

The Runanga (Maori Council), is comprised of Maori graduates and community leaders. The Runanga advises the College at a governance, management and practical level on servicing Maori training needs and incorporating Maori awareness in Laidlaw life that affirms the implications of the Treaty of Waitangi for the College.

NGC Members:

  • Prof Jessica Palmer (Chair)
  • Dr Roshan Allpress (National Principal)
  • Cr Efeso Collins
  • Ven Dr Lyndon Drake
  • Brad Haami (Rūnanga Co-Chair)
  • Jenny Mackie (Staff Rep.)
  • Judith Malcolm
  • Dr Matthew Scott
  • Karen Spoelstra
  • Nick Vemoa (Student Rep.)

Runanga Members

  • Brad Haami (Co-Chair)
  • Warahi Paki (Co-Chair)
  • Shona Pink-Martin (Co-Chair)
  • Seth Barratt
  • Kathy Eruera (Treasurer Co-opted member)
  • Darlene Evans
  • Cilena Farnham (Student Rep)
  • Fred Holloway (Kawerau a Maki rep)
  • Raharuri Koia
  • Linda Paki 
  • Ruth Thompson

If you would like to see who the members of Laidlaw College’s other advisory boards and committees are, please feel free to read our latest annual report.

Annual Report

This document demonstrates the full breadth of Laidlaw College's activities and features statements from those in leadership; reports from each school and centre; profiles of students and alumni; and of course, financial reports. It is a great read for those who wish to familiarise themselves on the College and our various activities.

If you would like to read the report, you can either download or view this by clicking the link below.

Click here to download the 2019 Annual Report 
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Laidlaw College is registered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority pursuant to the 1990 Education Act and its amendments, and is accredited to teach its programmes as approved by the Authority. Laidlaw College is accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to teach at postgraduate and undergraduate degree level. Doctoral programmes are offered under the auspices of partnership arrangements with New Zealand universities or as an affiliated College of the Australian College of Theology.

Laidlaw College was previously known as the New Zealand Bible Training Institute (NZBTI) from 1922–1971 and as Bible College of New Zealand (BCNZ) from 1971–2008. Academic awards bearing the stamp of the former names of Laidlaw College are recognised by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority pursuant to the 1990 Education Act. The New Zealand Ministry of Education Provider Code for Laidlaw College is 08563.

Details of accreditation of awards of Laidlaw College programmes can be found at the following New Zealand government website: